kGTD 0.830

A Getting Things Done application for your Mac

kGTD is a useful, free Mac software, that belongs to the category Productivity software with subcategory Calendars & Planners. View full description

kGTD is a useful, free Mac software, that belongs to the category Productivity software with subcategory Calendars & Planners.

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Its current version is 0.830 and its last update happened on 10/24/2006. This software is available for users with the operating system Mac OS X and former versions, and it is available in English.

Since we added this software to our catalog in 2006, it has obtained 1,685 downloads, and last week it gained 0 downloads.

About the download, kGTD is a software that will require less storage than many software in the section Productivity software.


  • No more separate delete button. To delete a task, simply delete any “view” of it (Project, Action, iCal) and on sync all “views” are removed
  • You can now edit any task in any view (Projects, Actions, iCal) and changes are updated to all views
  • New single-tasks ability (tasks that are not part of any project)
  • New task entry syntax for the Quicksilver action to make adding tasks with contexts to any specific project fast and easy
  • You can now rename contexts in the Actions section by simply renaming them
  • No more “super-project” vs “standard-project” modes. A subtask with a context can take “child rows”. If those child rows have no context they are treated as notes. If they have contexts then the subtask becomes a subproject
  • Tasks now age. After a user set time period tasks will be highlighted as “old”. Two age periods are possible, default age periods set to one and two months
  • Completed tasks are now time stamped with the completed date (upon sync) in the notes field
  • Tasks now auto archive after a user set period of time (default one day). I like to see tasks that are completed for a bit after I complete them so I have a sense of progress. This feature allows that to occur and then shuffles the completed tasks into the archive after whatever period I choose.
  • Can temporarily prevent projects from being synchronized (turning them “off”)
  • kGTD now does it’s best to respect user assigned styles
  • Projects now auto-sort by name in the Projects section
  • Contexts now auto-sort by name in the Actions section
  • Next Actions now bubble up to the top of context lists in the Actions section
  • Deleting a column (e.g. the start or due date column) now turns off that setting automatically
  • Most everything can now be renamed “normally” in OmniOutliner without special settings
  • There are now, by default, visible daily backups. Each time you sync the current daily backup is updated with a current snapshot of the pre-sync state. Any problem on a sync can immediately be rectified by rolling back to the current daily backup or a previous day’s backup. Backups can be user set to be hidden files and daily backups can be turned off in settings.
  • Templatable “new project” snippets. Make a commonly used project or mini-project in the “Templates” section of kGTD and when you click the new button, you’ll get a list of them, allowing you to easily add common task sequences.
  • Todos can now be set to have an alarm with user determined values
  • kGTD now supports an optional “priority” column that can sync with iCal (if you do not use the priority column, next action tasks are given an elevated priority relative to non-next-action tasks)
  • As mentioned above, iCal tasks can be renamed, dates changed, notes added, etc. and these changes will update the kGTD task
  • New ways to easily generate iCal calendars for all contexts (or a single calendar with all tasks)
  • Calendar colors can be “pre-set” in kGTD by setting the font or background color of the calendar rows in kGTD settings

Essentially, KGTD is a single OmniOutliner document with some fiddly bits (ok, we can call them “buttons” if you are going to get all technical) that allow you to manage two views of your GTD tasks: projects and actions.

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kGTD 0.830